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Powrmatic WX-EC Hot Water Heater (free delivery)


The Powrmatic WX water heating units are a new generation of devices combining innovative technical solutions with a modern pattern design. The precise and light casing resembles the beautiful diamond shape - ideal in its simplicity. The character of the device is emphasized by the composition of the selected materials and dynamically shaped air guide vanes.

The WX heating unit is used for heating small, medium and large spaces. WX units are compact devices ready for commissioning and easy to assemble and use daily. You can connect up to 8 units within each system with advanced calender option control.

All WX units are available with a three-speed energy efficient EC motor which gives guaranteed performance efficiency over conventional AC motors even at low speeds, complimented by smooth speed regulation. The optimal shape of the fan and the use of an efficient EC motor provide up to 40% energy savings compared to traditional solutions.

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