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Powrmatic CECx (free delivery)

Powrmatic CECx (free delivery)

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The Powrmatic CECx comes in 5 sizes as per below:


Key features include:

* Thermostatically control your environment

By setting the thermostatic control before installation it will inhibit fan operation until the roof space temperature reaches a pre-determined level, preventing the premature discharge of cold air which results in high energy savings and minimises operation.

*Hot air re-circulation

CECx destratification fans will automatically recirculate high level hot air, reducing stratification and associated heat losses via the adjustable lourves, returning useful heat back into the working zone and saving on energy and operating costs.

*Solid and rigid construction

The CECx Calecon fans comprise of a panel box construction which has reduced in its overall height for a slimmer profile (4500 & 6500 models only) onto which is a resiliently mounted axial fan set which discharges warm air through an four-way adjustable louvred grille.

*Quick & easy installation

The CECx High Velocity Thermal Destratification Fans can be suspended via the optional CECx Fixing kit which can be installed up to six times faster than traditional hanging systems


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